Fantastic Four: long trailer with Doctor Doom!


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Just watched the trailer … I think the best summation of how seeing this affected me is: :sleeping:

The trailer looks like a mix of the last franchise’s plot, a lot of geek-in-action-movie cliches, and some Michael Bay-like action sequences. So, pretty much nothing I want from a Fantastic Four movie.

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Well, if you needed any further proof that Chronicle was more about the writing than the directing…

Anyway, it’s amazing how little anyone learned from the previous two movies. Looks like the Fantastic Four are doomed to mediocrity.

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I’d have thought that the big baddie for an inter-dimensional Fantastic Four story would be Annihilus?

I know nothing about the Fantastic Four other than the absolute basics (their powers, and they fight Doctor Doom), so I’m totally fine with this. Probably won’t see it in theatres, as I don’t see anything in theatres these days, really (might make an exception for Avengers though), but it still looks like an entertaining fluff piece to me.

Probably not a good sign that my first thought is:

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That’s funny. My first thought is:


I’ve found that the best way to enjoy Fantastic Four movies is to watch the Spanish-dubbed versions and pretend they are part of a Mexican telenovella called “¡El Cuatro Fantastico!”


Change the names to Ruiz Ricardo, Susana and Juanito Tormentas, and Benito Grava… Damn! I really sounds like a bad soap opera!

(Read the following with Venezuelan accent)

-¡Stop this wedding right here Ruiz Ricardo!
Doctor Perdisión! ¡My sworn enemy!
-That’s right, your sworn enemy… AND RIGHTFULL Susanita Tormentas’ FIANCE!
-Ruiz Ricardo… Yo
-Tell me it’s not true Susanita…
-But…It is!
/Sudden pan to Benito Grava holding a pair of maracas
-¡Ai ai ai! ¡¿Qué pasó?!


“Daddy needs to get his rocks off!” Was possibly the best Tobias unintentional double entendre ever.


I don’t understand why they need to retell the creation story, Still, Ben Grimm looks awesome. Will miss Jessica Alba.

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Just pretend that she’s there, but she’s turned invisible!

I didn’t find Alba’s portrayal convincing as being a brilliant MIT geneticist.

Okay, one question. Thing vs Hulk. Bro friends or?

I won’t, in the slightest. Kate Mara is a fantastic replacement.

I don’t know Kate Mara, but the name keeps getting me confused with the recently deceased Kate O’Mara.

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