Spoiler warning: here are some Dr. Strange 2 leaks

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Hot dog fingers or GTFO


Please, more Roger Corman!




The last few films have sucked so hard, I’m just pretending the project ended with Endgame and everything since has been, in essence, non-cannon wankery. If this film somehow doesn’t turn out to be yet another instance of bait-and-switch, if it gets decent reviews, if covid doesn’t resurge, and if it manages to overcome its association with the current Disney fiasco, then maybe I’ll see it. I doubt it would be worth the time and effort, though.

Why the dollar store costumes?

I’m guessing it’s fake?

The Fantastic 4 film wasn’t fully announced though I think it was on the slate, I don’t think pre-production was started. The John Krasinski rumor is just long standing fan casting, never confirmed. That screen shot doesn’t look much like Krasinski, none of those people are standing like humans. And that Captain Carter shield doesn’t match the one shown in the trailer or used in What If…? which is a Union Jack.

I’m not seeing any mention of this anywhere but super link baity places. There have been leaks, including leaked screenshots. But they’re a lot higher quality than this.

ETA: even most of reddit isn’t throwing this around. But the rumor mill and leak specific reddits are also throwing around similarly janky screenshots featuring Black Bolt. Which I guess is who that’s supposed to be to Richards’ right. As if Marvel would acknowledge that particular debacle.


I am a MASSIVE Fantastic Four junkie, and this, sir, I say nay.

I need at least ONE good FF flick before I get to that great gig in the sky, insha’Allah.

Just one.

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okay why put a “spoiler warning” in text and then show the full article anyway with a photo without a clickthrough cut

waaay too many call-backs for those who haven’t managed all (or even over 61%) of ~33 marvel superheros films. (“ya snooze ya lose suucker!”) ((…who is America Chavez?))

Weird that they threw the Inhumans in there, given that whole planned element of the MCU seems to have been axed completely.

Black Bolt’s inclusion does seem to support that idea - although he is part of the comic line-up, so maybe they decided to go wild and include characters that are unlikely to ever show up in the MCU proper? I dunno…

It was a joke. Despite liking Mr. Corman, I admit this movie is bad, just as bad as the two or three Fox’s films. I think the excuse for this movie was the zeitgeist. He didn’t have good special effects, the art direction was cheesy, the acting was bad… Well, it was the 1990s… A decade that also gave us another jewel…

Perhaps now that the rights to use the characters are in Disney hands, Reed Richards and his friends will get decent representation in theaters. I just hope they don’t call anyone involved in the creative/direction part of Eternals (which I even liked the characters) and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (which I thought was bad, except for Awkwafina. She deserves a movie of her own ).

Who would you like/imagine to be the four heroes on the big screen? Who would be a good director for this movie?

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Well here’s one of the other screenshots that seems to be running around.

Does those look like human beings?

Also consider the existence of modern cell phones cause the other more real looking leaked screen shots look like this:

I dunno so much wack shit is flying around most of the Marvel stuff at this juncture I tend assume it’s all BS till somethings out.

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