Fantastic Four: Watch the unreleased 1994 film! (only not on YouTube, because it has been pulled, already.)


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Not as clumsy or random as the new one. A more elegant movie, for a more civilized age.


ugh… that bad 50gen vhs copy.
theres a much better copy out. dvd at that and easy to find.


1994? My god, it looks like something out of the 70’s.


This video contains content from ContantinMediakraft, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.


THAT didn’t take very long…


At least this version used practical effects over bad CGI.


Apparently a documentary on the 1994 film’s production is getting a release:


please tell me somebody snagged a copy of it before it went down?


It does remind me a lot of the fine quality effects found in such films as Howard the Duck or The Apple. (OK, technically those are from the 80’s, but I think you’re onto something there.)


It is readily available via “the torrentz”


Theres a Dvd available on usenet much better quality


umm having lost time to that movie I can safely say that unless you like to revel in bad cinema your life will still be complete having never watched it.
from what I understand everyone knew it was not meant to be released and was a tax shelter film.


I actually think the costumes look pretty good, they obviously worked to remain true to the source material. The costumes look accurate, if not cool.

Doom’s costume is a lot better than the CGI costume from the later films.


The Thing actually looks pretty solid.


That’s not what the linked LA Magazine article says.


Yeah I read that later on. Sad all around. Other than oh hey I get to keep the movie rights.


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