Far from critics' top lists, Voyager dominates Star Trek's most-rewatched episodes

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Honestly, Janeway gets a lot of negative criticism, but Voyager was one of my favorite Star Trek series. The bulk of its stories were filmed with the matured look and feel of TNG Star Trek, skipping the bad uniforms, and cheesy sets (wtf was with the kazon though?).

I really enjoyed the character dynamic of Seven Of Nine, The Doctor, and Janeway. The premise also allowed for a lot of interesting stories. Without the support of Starfleet, the story of this isolated groups accomplishments becomes somewhat epic (if sometimes stretching believability).

I also just liked Janeway as a character. The conflicting problems she had to deal with, her ability to remain intensely curious despite the stress, and chaos, as well as the fact that they made her a very strong leader, where things I really liked seeing. Out of any of the captains I’d want to be stranded for years with, Janeway would probably be the most tolerable. Kirk is just, Kirk, Picard is too private, and professional to have no escape from, and *Sisko comes with a lot of baggage, and can be kind of brooding, but Janeway is personable, and openly caring. Her crew were her family, in more ways than any other Star Trek captain.

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I hate to be that nerd (but he is my favorite captain so…)

It is spelled SISKO


00:00:28.00 in, and I’m already getting drowsy!


At least it wasn’t misspelled as Sysco:

or Sisqo:


In other words, people rewatch the final Voyager episodes to figure out what the hell happened.


Voyager is best trek.
I will die on this hill.


This is a funny coincidence, because I’ve been re-watching a lot of Voyager these days. My motivation:

  • I’ve watched every episode on Netflix at least once.
  • TOS would be good, but Netflix has the late 90s “digitally enhanced” version where they replaced all the charming models and matte paintings with CGI: every time I try to watch one now, I ragequit. Otherwise, it would probably be the most rewatched.
  • I’ve re-watched all the good (generally season 3+) episodes of TNG, mostly avoiding Borg so I don’t have to worry about scaring the baby.
  • DS9 is less episodic, so any one episode makes less sense to watch.
  • I liked Enterprise, but not enough to rewatch many episodes: I think there were maybe 3.
  • So that recently leaves Voyager. After TNG, it’s probably the second most rewatched.

Could it have something to do with the fact no one watched the Voyager series in syndication as a result people are watching it now on NetFlix?

That was my first thought…do people really use Netflix to rewatch episodes they like, or do they mostly fill in gaps in what they haven’t seen?


One day I will write a Voyager novel set in season seven that’s just aliens scrambling to get out of Janeway’s path.


Is this the "HD’ version?

The Kazon episodes were some of the weakest bits of writing on that show. Two things that were supposed to make the series different from its predecessors were

  1. The Voyager was the most technologically advanced—and fastest—ship in that part of the galaxy
  2. The crew was planning to spend the next few decades heading more or less in the same direction with little if any backtracking

So given that setup how the heck did they keep bumping in to the same people?


Alone. Unmourned.


Star Trek: Voyager was the TV show that launched a network. It was inevitable that there’d be reruns.

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I almost watch a 3 out of a 5 hour block of one episode of each Trek series every night because that’s how they play it in on TV from 8pm to 1am. Then from 1am to 3am I doze off with reruns of Psyc. I would say Voyager is not as bad other people have said but I wouldn’t rank it as #1 or #2. Enterprise I would rank last. When they introduced time travel I was out.

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Is this the show with Odo?

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Honestly there’s really no way to be sure Odo wasn’t on board Voyager the whole time.


Or even here:


Somewhere along the way I stopped watching Voyager when it aired. I recently caught up, and yeah, it 's not great, but it appealed to me in a comfort food sort of way.

DS9 I watched a handful of episodes when it aired and never gave it a fair shake. I am rectifying that now and I am amazed at how good it is and how wrong I was.


On a recent re-watch of DS9 it was clear this is where Ron Moore really cut his teeth on the long form story. There is so much proto-BSG all over DS9.