Far-right group gives Ivermectin to kids with autism — and it's making them sick

Podcaster Robert Evans discussed a similar case in a ‘bleach as medicine’ episode. He pointed out that a significant proportion of autistic kids are non-verbal, meaning there is no risk to the parent of them telling a teacher or grand parent that mommy is making them sick. My guess is that people with neurologically normal children may have tried this once or twice then quickly realised it’s not worth the risk of having their kids taken away from them. What you are left with are a hardening core of seriously fucked up parents, possibly somewhere on the spectrum themselves, going all in on treating their kids as little more than human petri dishes.


Notably, the main reason T4 didn’t kill more disabled people is that they ran out of disabled people to kill.
Some families worked out what was happening and removed their relatives from the institutions, but outside of that they hit 100%.


For anyone unfamiliar with the MMS bullshit, there is a youtuber named Illuminaughti (I hope I spelled that right) who did an episode on it. She has one about how Autism $peaks sucks as well.


described as a heart that had “nearly doubled in size.” …

Yikes! My cousin had this problem and almost died before her heart transplant. Hard to believe they did tests a year before and found no issues?

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If it had tripled in size he would be The Grinch


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