The true history of Ivermectin

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This video …

The person deserves some credit for this very informative video. You didn’t even mention her name. It is Rebecca Watson.


That shits nasty what would possess someone to eat ivermectin paste? How would you even begin to guess how much to take? Their logic must be astounding.

I wonder if the Ivermectin fans had any moment of enlightenment when they were told it was their own intestines that were coming out in their poo? If I realized I made a mistake like that I’d head for an immediate MRI or something. Or was their response more like “nah uh, shut up!” Or did they really think they had worms already and didn’t know it? Or that the drug somehow gave them the worms? LOL fucking morons or maybe they assumed they pooped out the virus? FFS.

This is a superb example of the danger of bad science and honestly… why can’t we do anything about this problem where one bad, non-peer reviewed paper becomes some idiots manifesto? (See autism and vaccine “science”) How could this “non paper” end up being cited by so many other studies BEFORE it was even published and ultimately pulled? What’s wrong with people conducting these studies? Seriously, it’s about time some “scientists” see the inside of a jail cell IMO. Once bad science is out there it’s basically used as scientific reference forever. Accurate or not.

I’m also reminded of the old timers that used to take Phenylbutazone (Bute) a horse pain killer used for themselves and would be surprised if they took too much to find blood in their stool and that they now have a lifetime of ulcers.

Animal drugs are not for people, people!

“Ivermectin Ivermectin you did things to me I wasn’t expecting”


Are you guys spying on me? I just saw this.

So I found a counter point to the pro ivermectin website I was sent. One can read it below. It seems a lot of the papers touting its benefits are fraught with problems.

I know Oxford is doing a more detailed, rigorous study, and it should show if there is a real link to helping people.

But at this point, Merck isn’t recommending people to use it - and if the maker of a drug isn’t pushing for off label use, that says something.

That said, I encourage medical research to find existing drugs that might ease symptoms, but do not self medicate, and do not self medicate with non-human medicine.



Behind the Bastards did a pretty decent run down of the Ivermectin stupidity and the players behind it. First of two parts - Part One: The Ivermectin Episode - Behind the Bastards | iHeartRadio


I wouldn’t say that the main reason that people are going to feed stores to get their Ivermectin is because the Ivermectin packaged for human consumption is scarce. I think the main reasons are that you don’t need a prescription to buy it at the feed store and it is going to be significantly cheaper. Drug pricing and medical insurance is SO screwed up in the US that self prescribing veterinary medicines is a thing for many uninsured. Remember the couple that overdosed on chloroquine in the form of fish medicine last year? In the absence of health insurance, some people in the US basically live in the third world.


From what I’ve gathered, people taking Ivermectin (like people who were taking Hydroxychloroquine) weren’t necessarily even infected, they thought they were protecting themselves against an illness they didn’t even have yet.

There is one way to protect yourself against a virus you don’t have yet.

And it’s the one thing they refuse to get.


Rebecca Watson’s great, been watching her for the better part of a year. One of the premiere science advocate youtubers in my estimation.


Oh shit, she’s still putting out good videos. I kinda lost track of her after she left SGU.

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I just listened to that one. They were generally on point as usual but I noticed they did cite the apparently false Rolling Stone story about Emergency Rooms in Oklahoma being totally overrun with people suffering from ivermectin overdoses. Unfortunately that’s the kind of thing that is going to make some ivermectin evangelists reject the rest of the podcast out of hand.


Yes, our system is fucked up, but to this

I disagree. The main reason is that they are willfully denying themselves a free and effective vaccine because propaganda.


Yaaassss. Thank you for crediting her, and thanks to @garethb2 for posting her content. Rebecca is one of the most under appreciated voices on YouTube and in scientific rationalist circles in general. She also runs with a talented team of rational women.

I found her originally through her time on the Skeptics Guide To The Universe podcast, which she left under circumstances that aren’t totally clear to me. Regardless, everyone please follow and throw money at her. I’m unaffiliated, just a big fan.


Your larger point is valid, but in the specific case of COVID, the vaccine is free and incredibly plentiful so that’s no excuse. You can pretty much walk into any drugstore in the country with no appointment right now and get the shot, no questions asked.

That said, there are two (and maybe only two) valid reasons for vaccine hesitancy at this point:

  1. People working low-wage jobs or multiple jobs often can’t afford the time off (or would get fired) for the recovery period from the second dose. It’s basically a mandatory sick day for most people, which many people cannot take. This is, of course, the fault of the terrible social safety system in the US that people are forced to choose between possible death from disease and not being able to feed their family because their boss is a monster.

  2. People of colour have a long history of terrible mistreatment by the medical establishment, so they understandably have some concerns when they are told they must do something by people in white coats.

These two points get made in every COVID thread, but it never seems to hurt to list them again.


If y’all actually carefully read what i wrote, I never claimed that the horrible state of medical care in this country was why people were TAKING Ivermectin. That is because of the combination of ignorance and the extreme politization of COVID in this country. But lack of access to decent healthcare IS a big part of why they are getting it (and other medicines) from feed stores and other veterinary sources of supply. Doctor shopping until you can find an MD to write you an off-label prescription is not something everybody has access to. At least for medications without the huge profit margins of Opiods.

No need to get upset. I read what you wrote, and it included:

Nowhere did you mention that they are also willfully avoiding the free and plentiful vaccination. I didn’t mean anything insulting, just respectfully disagreed. :woman_shrugging:t2:


The vaccine is free and available in any number of places, even in rural parts of the country. They are not lacking access to the vaccine, especially people who are not living in poverty in rural parts of the country. People like JOE ROGAN are taking it. Are you seriously trying to argue that Rogan is suffering from lack of access?


You allopathic big pharma sheep give up too easily! True believers in various flavors of dubious gastrointestinal practice(I believe it comes up a lot among the ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ types, since bleach enemas will do that to you) simply declare the result to be “rope worms” and a vindication of their belief that going hunting for the parasites and toxins that They don’t want you to know about was in fact a success.