Far too many of Musk's followers and Twitter's users appear fake; advertisers may never return

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He does act as if he believes in the bizarre Christo-fascist myth that there’s a hidden vein of Silent Majority voices who are just waiting to be tapped, brought out of exile, invited in and monetized. I hesistate to ascribe any rationality to his actions, but if you thought some obnoxious nanny-state minority were holding back this flood, how he’s acting is how you’d act. Of course in reality, they were all already present and accounted for, so represent no growth potential, except for a growth in caps-lock use and gross behavior.


This. He seems to believe the Big Lie that >50% of Americans want Trump back, therefore there’s a bound to be an opened floodgate of right wingers who want to join X.

I think as much as we perceive it to be a pro-Nazi site, the right wingnuts likely think it’s a antifa haven, and won’t want to join.

So now we have both the right and left wing agreeing that X is a horrible place. See? He did reunite Americans!


I wonder how many of these fresh fakes were created on Musk’s orders.

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IIRC he didn’t seem especially bothered by all the bots until after he realized what a huge mistake he’d made by committing to buy the company and was trying to find some pretext for reneging on the deal.

So “Elon bought Twitter to get rid of the bots” gets the sequence of events wrong no matter what the fanboys say about it now.


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