Fare thee well, Tim "Zeke the Sheik" Dundon

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To be played by John C. Reilly.

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Tommy Chong would be closely aligned with Tim Dundon’s struggle with The Man.


He’s composting now.


In his own pile?
It would be fitting.

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California doesn’t allow composting corpses as yet. That’s why I hope to die in Washington state.

He always wanted that.

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I’m such a n00b.
My pile’s dimensions with its 8’ height, 20’ diameter seem so mediocre.
( But all of the biomass was grown on this very inner city lot measuring less than 1000 square meters. )

My Pile(chen) is home to the colonies of two different kinds of bumblebees (fuzzybutts) this year, so I’m not turning it. Hedgehogs use it to hibernate. Songbirds dig in it for high protein sustenance for their broods.
It lives.

I pro’ly should have written this in rhyme, alas, I never thought of that in time.


He was one of the greats.
We shall all sing songs to him in the future,
in a peculiar rhyme.

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