Fark founder, Kentucky gubernatorial hopeful Drew Curtis auctioning “Crisis on Infinite Earths“ art


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Huh, I’ve met him a few times. He hangs out at the Tolly-Ho (famous local burger joint) and at Collexion (the Lexington hacker’s club).

Didn’t know he was running for office, though. What’s his platform?

I’m all for Kentucky electing a more liberal governor. But frankly, he has the same chances as Gatewood Galbraith had in the '90s. A more fervent hope would be that they stop inflicting Mitch McConnell on the rest of the country. I grew up in that state, from the time I was 5 until my late 30’s. And I have respect and fondness for the people. But still, FU you jackasses, you should have voted McConnell out of office years ago.

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Gotta love Giordano. That man can draw some serious rocks.

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