'Fast' Eddie Clarke, guitarist for Motorhead, RIP


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Damn. They’re dropping fast :frowning:

Rest in peace, whatever that means.


Clear roads to you, Motörhead, kings of the heavy metal unnecessary umlaut. :cry: :cloud_with_lightning: :guitar:

And sure we can do better than “Ace of Spades.”


He weren’t no beauty, but he was a secret fox.


We’re losing our heroes…







I just got the new covers CD, it’s pretty good


I just got the new Motörhead covers CD, it’s pretty good


Don’t forget - Fastway, too.


Umlaute sind selten unnötig.


Came here to say, “I got to see Fast Eddie once!”

I was 14; it was Fastway – they were opening for Billy Squier


I tötälly ägree.


Und außerdem: wer “brauchen” ohne “zu” gebraucht, braucht brauchen gar nicht erst zu gebrauchen.


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