Motörhead launches line of vibrators "that rock"


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I want to think it is cool but I just find it overwhelmingly creepy.


Feel the music like never before!


“I’ve got a silver machine…”


They should make a Daft Punk version - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.


Nice. I am feeling good. It is as if I were in a parking lot full of hippies waiting to see their favorite band and it is all VW buses and cannabis’s and whammo, there would be the ¨Ace¨ the ACE OF SPADESemphasized text
And all was right in the verse


Whaaaaaat, no one mentioned the real reason why they chose Motorhead???

I kid I kid


I see what you did there…


Lemmy sends his love.


The real reason that they picked Motörhead is that there’s an early Motörhead song with the title “Vibrator”. Listen to it here:


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