Hear Motorhead's edgy cover of David Bowie's 'Heroes'

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This truly is a wonderful thing.


If you dig covers of “Heroes”, you might enjoy Phillip Glass’s cover-symphony of the entire “Heroes” album. It’s a bit different than Motörhead’s version, however.


Dead or alive, Lemmy rocks on.


i love how bowie was so great that his music could touch anyone, anywhere.

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He changed they lyrics quite a bit (and more power to him) but I could swear he said “and you. . . you are in sales, And I . . . I am a salesman.”

Someone please tell me I’m mistaken here.

Still, a great version of a great song.

Lol. What Motorhead song isn’t edgy?

what does this mean?: “This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.”

Edgy? That’s the mellowest vocal I have ever heard Lemmy lay down…it sounds like it was recorded as he was casually singing along, while listening to it on his iPod, or something…


I love everything Lemmy Snicket has ever written. Wait. What? Oh… Never mind.

well, not authoritative but this is what I heard:

You… you are insane,
And I… I am the same
’cause we’re lovers
and that is the truth

assuming of course I know which part you’re talking about, which is no sure thing

I like this better:

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