Fat is the best business decision you can make $$$

Back in the 70s, it was wise to become an oncologist specializing in lungs.

Now - well, the game is open to make a global fortune selling any kind of quackery that thins people, or helps companies sell more sugar/fat content, or invests in cadaver disposal - I mean, the 4 horsemen aren’t needed - we’re really good at this ourselves!

Is this evolution at work? I’m reading “Homo Sapiens” by … whatever his name is … Yuval Noah - and in 10,000 years, when they look back at the hoardes of humans dying young, incapable of reproduction, etc, they’ll call it selective survival.

It’s junk food, of course. The cheapest American export is a culture that kills people, wholesale.

So Imma gone get me into the illness/death by obesity business. Best way I can enjoy yacht-borne pina coladas! Normal work is just too damn hard!

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Since I don’t have that sweet obesity money and thus have to work today, just imagine I super-cleverly photoshopped the bullets into sugar packets and coke bottles…

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But man - 1/3 of people PLANETWIDE are overweight!

“Lord of Fat”!

Think of all the artisan soap products…


Hell yeah!


… and I innocently thought the world might have learned from Big Tobacco!

We are a stupid species after all.

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