Father of the catastrophic Copyright Directive reveals he didn't know what he was voting for

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Well fixing this should be smooth and seamless, and I am confident it will be a top priority. Will they be installing camera-detecting gates at all entrances, I wonder? Maybe just patting everybody down?


Tech illiterate politicians voting on things they haven’t the first clue about. I’d like to know how many MEPs who voted for this shit truly understand what they were voting on. I received a reply today from my one MEP who voted against it (no response from the others) and his objection is more concerned with wanting to abolish the EU as he sees it as a protection racket for big business. Is it any wonder why EU skeptics see the EU as being full of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats when nonsense like this goes through.




Own goal? I’ll get my coat…

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So how is this link tax supposedly help news agencies? Aren’t they just killing a source of their traffic? Sure they might make some money from those that pay but it seems far more will just not link to them anymore.

Does this tax only apply to direct links to news articles? What if someone just links to the root URL. Or just mentions the news source by name with no link?

I guess I have the same feeling about the selfies at sporting events. I’m not a sport person and never ever think: I should buy a ticket to sport ball X. But sometimes when I see friends posting photos from sporting events on social media it kind of looks fun. It is much more effective than paid advertising for sporting events that are only effective in making me groan and roll my eyes.


Of course he didn’t and that gives the game away doesn’t it? They vote how they are paid to vote. The text of the bill isn’t important to them. Only who is paying what for the vote.


Hey Voss! While you’re at it, fix the rest of it too. Asshole.

Legislators voting on laws they haven’t read is, IMHO, the only offense that should warrant the death penalty.

/s (but not really)



My impression is the goal is to get Google and Facebook to pay a yearly fee for the rights to allow people to post links to corporate media, on the pretext that FaceGoo are getting paid and the ‘news’ sources aren’t. This is also a plan to avoid the option of simply being ignored by users who would boycott. It’s particularly galling that this happens at a point where they have all but zero credibility remaining. (I was reminded today about the FOX News billionaire with a licence to drill for fossil fuels in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights of Syria. This is also the guy who would now own the rights to sports imagery in Britain, LOL) Why not let news corps die a natural capitalist death?

What’e even in this for FIFA? I get why sports leagues would want control of broadcasting rights and the like, but do they think that they somehow lose money when people take photos at the sporting events they paid to attend?

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Ah Ok. I can see that train of thought. I was focused on all the bloggers that link to news sources (to give the news source credit) and how this just encourages them to stop credditing the news sources or at least stop driving traffic to them.

Kind of like how I used to go to the old guard news sources directly out of habit until they started to put up pay walls. They effectually weened me off of them.


What baffles me is how FIFA thinks they’re going to make money out of stopping everybody from posting selfies of themselves wearing team kit, changing their avatar to a team logo, etc., i.e. expressing any kind of enthusiasm whatsoever.


Many of them have now taken their paywalls down, after their readership crashed. They were making more from serving ads than from paying customers

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That’s good to hear.

Except that now the news sites are crying into their beers when they notice you have ad-blockers, the poor little darlings.

Big media is really pissing me off these days. I just learned that Sandi Toksvig gets only 40% of what Stephen Fry got. And the Beeb don’t even do ads.

Let 'em all die.

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Yeah when they complain on page load about my ad blocker I just close the tab and go elsewhere.