Father of the catastrophic Copyright Directive reveals he didn't know what he was voting for

Well, why would I go to a game, or buy a subscription to SkySport21 when I can just scroll through my friend’s farcebook feed for photos of them gurning in the stands? I mean, that’s basically exactly the same value as watching 80minutes of Liverpool vs Scunthorpe live, right?


The worst part of it is that the EP (the body that just voted in favour of that “copyright reform”) is pretty much the only elected part of the eurobureaucracy.

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The Brexit dystopia gets worse and worse. Those two teams haven’t played against each other since the early 60’s when Liverpool were finishing in their lowest positions ever, in the old second division.

Next you’ll be telling me that Barnet will win the Premier League.

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Truly, this is the end times.


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