Father of the Chicken McNugget dies


Robert C Baker was the father of the Chicken McNugget:

McDonald’s is often falsely credited with the invention of the chicken nugget. In fact Baker published his chicken nugget recipe in the 1950s as unpatented academic work, while McDonald’s patented its recipe for Chicken McNuggets in 1979 and started selling the product in 1980.

Baker’s famous recipe for Cornell Chicken was actually innovated while Baker was at Penn State but never gained appreciation until he joined the faculty of Cornell.[1]


If I’m not mistaken his son represents The Hollywood Sign, among other things and people (including Marlene Dietrich), and commissioned this early example of virtual celebrity animation…


Obligatory post.

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An epitaph which I do, in fact, intend with great respect:

“Hey Mr. Nugget - you the bomb. We sellin’ chicken faster than you can tear the bone out. So I’m gonna write my clowney ass name on this fat-ass check for you.”

So we hear, on the same day, of the deaths of two masters of the art of melding machine and flesh to create a vaguely pornographic and unsettling end product.


Liked, unliked, and liked again just so I could like it twice. :slight_smile:

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Note - father of the Chicken McNugget. Not the Chicken Nugget.

The Chicken McNugget is as much a creation of godless marketing as it is of godless science.

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Came here to say that they are undoubtedly the same person.

Thank god for godless science.

On the rare occasion that I go to McDonald’s, I always get McNuggets. Which I dip in ketchup. Because that’s how I roll.

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