Favorite tools of Danielle Applestone, CEO of Other Machine Co

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Well, that’s a hell of a range there.

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I can vouch for that encyclopedia. Growing up on a small small goat farm, I saw my family experience how the approaches of modern industrial-scale farming were absolutely irrelevant to our problems and solutions. For this and for our household as well, we had the–was it mimeographed?–the ancient copy whose pastel paper pages held wisdom. You could feel it. I hear very good things about the updates, too. I know that it’s trendy to consider urban homesteading a phenomenon unto itself, but I’d urge anyone seeking to incorporate more of that spirit into their life to check this out of the library and see what they think–the breadth is astounding.

Encyclopedia Of Country Living (on Archive.org)


Bicycle tires with holes in them, ftw. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya during the mid-1980s I learned the versatility of cut up inner tubes cut in to latitudinal strips (if that is the right way to refer to strips made from the long circle of a torus). One would buy them at the local shops where they were called mipira literally “rubbers.” I used them to secure the wires on my stack of d-cells that powered my boombox. As c-cells were unavailable, you rolled four d-cells in an old paper–The Daily Nation, for example–trimmed the excess, used the mpira as a kind of rubber band to secure the stripped wire ends, and then with a hot needle create a power jack plug using the end cap of a particular variety of ball point pen.

As we slide ever further into this dystopic century, everyone will come to appreciate bicycle tires with holes in them!

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