FBI agent carjacked near Capitol Hill

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Cue the racist scare stories about DC from Faux, OnAN and News trash.


They will blame it all on Drag Santa!

But seriously the carjackings are getting out of hand and they are starting to spill over into the Virginia burbs.

Consequently DC is rolling back police reforms because "portions of the Comprehensive Policing and Justice Amendment Act “made it more difficult for police to keep the community safe and hold criminals accountable for their actions.”


Soon to mounted on all government vehicles: The Blaster!

Fox: “Dammit, Biden! Can’t you get your own capital under law and order??!!”

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Why is carjacking so rampant? I assume that since guns are involved it is not just for joyrides. Are they being taken to be used in other crimes?


Because stolen cars can be sold for parts. A late-model car can get a thief a bigger payout than most stealable items.


I doubt they could pick up many Uber fares in that time.

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Parts destined for parts unknown…

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