FBI agent who shot Ibragim Todashev was subject of police brutality suits




So when the government sees fit, they don’t allow prosecutors to question potential defendants?

The FBI is judge, jury and executioner in this case, it sounds like. Justice be damned.


Three insurance investigators interview a man in his home. During that interview lasting 8 hours, they claim that the man knocked over a table and attacked them with a broom, which required one of the investigators (who had a concealed weapons permit) to pull out his gun and shoot the man six times, including at point blank range in the head. The only people who can corroborate this story are the insurance agents. The details of the report by the insurance agents (including weapons that the man might have had) changed several times. Do you impartially investigate this as murder or let the insurance company come up with a report on their own?


and how does one “retire” at 31?


I’d like to know if he applied for disability before being hired by the FBI.


And in other news: An Albuquerque police officer that burned off a homeless man’s ear with a taser was promoted to major, “because [he has] demonstrated the strong leadership skills necessary for us to move ahead with DOJ reform requirements.”


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