U.S. Justice Department to review SF Police, as protests over Mario Woods killing continue

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Oh good, a review. Hopefully the Justice Department will review the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, too.

That would take decades to review those Nazi bastards…

I wonder why police aren’t trained to de-escalate the situation rather than just opening fire. But then I realize they can’t afford those programs due to spending all the money on full riot gear and tanks.

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Comprehensive review followed by a complete dismissal of all charges with a rubber stamp…

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Nobody thinks the SFPD doesn’t know that they aren’t supposed to murder people or practice hate against members of their community while on duty.

Reminding them of the law and their basic responsibilities is a ridiculous cop out.

There’s a section of every population that cheers the cop mafia after every hit, no idea why.

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Pay attention to what happened! He told the cops they would have to shoot him and when they didn’t he headed towards civilians–forcing matters. They had already tried multiple non-lethal options which had failed, they didn’t have the one that could have worked: the taser.

Just because he’s black doesn’t make him innocent.

Pics or it did not happen.

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