FBI, DHS, and UK cyber agency warn of Russia internet attack that targets routers

There are probably government agencies in both the UK and the US that still use Telnet for remote access to legacy systems.

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What about Russian submarines habitually hanging out by undersea cables for the internet?

From last year

More recent

Additionally (No one knows who this is but still relevant)

I suppose if you are a GCHQ cyber ninja, you can’t talk about it, which means you can pretend to know nothing about computers and therefore not be the family IT guy.


In the USA it’s not just completely unnecessary, it’s mostly illegal. All the agencies are subject to one or another regulatory regime that disallows plaintext password protocols like Telnet and FTP for nearly all uses.

Which, I guess, pretty much assures that it’s being done by some government agency… given past behaviors… Hmm, I see your point.

Perhaps when they learned from Snowden that the USA has tapped those cables using our subs, they decided to protect the infrastructure?

Buwahahahaha, I crack me up sometimes!


I remember when we were having meetings to find a space for Oxford Hackspace and we had a visit from “a mathematician from Cheltenham”. He never came back.

I’m still not sure if that was a cry for help, or an attempt to recruit us.


Back in the days when Hunt for Red October was fresh and new, I sometime wondered about the discussions in sub bases.

“Skipper, I’ve been wondering - you know how sometimes our mission is to go and find Russian subs and hang around making sure they know we know they’re there? And sometimes we’re supposed to find Russian subs and hang around without them knowing we’re there?”


“Well, why can’t we just cut out the middleman? What if we were all just to agree to hang around in a particular area and sort of keep an eye on each other? I mean, who’d know? We could tip each other the wink if we’re in stealth mode and pretend to ignore each other, then pretend to spot each other and be really surprised? It’d be a lot safer and cause less wear and tear on the equipment. It’d look a lot better on our end of tour reports.”

“Hmm… the missus does like a bit of caviar…”


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