FBI director Wray's career fate unclear under Biden administration

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2021/01/20/fbi-director-wrays-career-fate-unclear-under-biden-administration.html


I have a hard time seeing justification for keeping any appointee from the prior administration. Clear them out, root and branch. Hell, I’d change the carpets he might have walked on.


And triple scan all the… Nah. Just throw it all out on the lawn and burn it.


The press needs to get over themselves. Biden has been President for 8 hours now. He doesn’t have to have answers to every personel decision already.


Biden gets a 3-6 month grace period, the same as any other political leader. Trump was the exception, as it became clear how terrible he was going to be before his first month was over.


comey was only the second fbi director ever fired. bill clinton fired sessions, but he was asked to resign multiple times first.

biden’s more likely to try to follow traditions of presidents treading carefully when mucking with the justice departments

a big question still is going to be what he will do with all the civil service changes trump made. there are rules in place that are hard to change now which restrict biden from just firing and hiring whomever he wants


Yah. It doesn’t seem implausible that the press secretary wasn’t briefed on every single Biden decision that might possibly come down the pipe in the FIRST HALF DAY in office.


Wish I could remember where I heard it, but some article or podcast recently had been making the case that no president has really had that media honeymoon period starting with, I think, Bill Clinton. Might be related to the 24 hour news cycle.

Except it says they were already asked during the transition, so the question was 100% expected and even a non-answer is understood by all parties to be a kind of answer.

I have no opinion on the actual subject, beyond a background assumption that any appointee from before is crooked.

The more interesting story is the twitter journosphere getting all excited about a return to The West Wing. I am curious to see if that world has evolved or learned anything about itself in the last four years.


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