Trump's FBI pick Wray is confirmed by Senate to replace Comey, who was fired by Trump


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Anybody want to start a pool? I bet 8 days.


Wow, That’s a long time.


8 days until which outcome? Until he pisses off Trump by not immediately ending Muller’s investigation and Trump fires him too? Or until he does end Muller’s investigation?

I’m not taking the sucker bet third option ‘He does noting to Muller and Trump does noting in response.’


tRump hired the guy that will put the hand cuffs on his son, and many other tRumpkins.


Uhh… firing Muller is not a thing he can do. At the moment, only the deputy AG can do that. Not sure if 45 understands that, though.


I think Trump’s just going to keep doing this to us, until he runs out of batteries.


True, but if Mueller is fired, presumably the investigation would return to domain the FBI, and he’d be in charge of sweeping it under the rug seeing it to it’s conclusion.


Still going! We have 1267 days of this left and he just keeps going, and going, and going…





After getting beat up almost daily for six months now by news about Trump, I’d be happy with a new president who’s nothing more than a tiny hedgehog sitting on a piece of bread.


Same here.


From tha Future!


Great to see that finally the FBI is no longer politicized. Finally: A truly independent director.


I don’t know how Wray will do as FBI director, but I do know that Markey, Merkley, Warren & Wyden would sure make for a fun law office name!


So this doubled?


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