FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe stepping down effective today


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I don’t have a good feel for the implications of this? Does it mean Trump appoints an agreeable director and that softens the independent investigation?


The guy had some integrity. Of course he had to leave.


I’ve been trying to read up on this. I don’t see how this impacts the investigation, but a new appointee does run the risk of being an errand boy for Trump inside the FBI.

We’ve seen how that has panned out in the past.


So is this gaming out as Trump replacing the deputy with someone loyal, then firing Rosenstein so his loyal deputy inherits?

Edit: Nope, two entirely different branches. Next time more coffee before I post.


Nope. I haven’t seen anything that suggests that McCabe today can fire Rosenstein. Although, the scuttlebutt is that Republicans are already hatching a plan (via another magic, secret Memo, woo!) to make him look biased so they can fire him.


Rosennstein is in the Dept of Justice, so a new FBI director does not get to fire him.


A good synopsis of the issue and where we’re at today:


Where is the Deep State when you need them? All these reasonable roadblocks to the dictator are falling at the drop of a hat.


Yeah, really. “Deep State” aka “government of, by and for the people”.


Selling crazy isn’t easy, I don’t blame him one bit.


There is only one real roadblock to dictatorship.



Guns not compulsory.



Was he using a non-standard email implementation?


I do believe it’s there: Trump’s arrogance has irked the institution as a whole. He’ll have a hard time getting its loyalty, even if he manages to put a compliant arriviste at its head.




Apparently he was around to see the demands Trump made of Comey before firing him. But I’m sure that’s a coincidence… Trump definitely saw him as being biased against him - or at least wanted to publicly create that perception, which works in favor (at least in terms of the perceptions of Trump’s followers) of any future obstruction of justice he might want to perpetrate.


Yeah, but it comes across as more obstruction, more meddling in the FBI, where as if he just sat on his ass - something Trumps good at - the guy would be gone in a month anyway.