FBI on the scene where legendary Civil War treasure of $54 million in gold may be buried


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Did they ever find the Nazi gold in Poland? Maybe the aliens took the Union gold and the Nazi gold and stashed it in the secret compartment in the Great Pyramid, then dumped the grain into the Marianas trench.


Well, if they do find it…we know exactly what our illustrious El Presidente will be requesting for the Oval Office makeover…


The fools! Don’t they know it’s hidden underneath Trinity Church! I found clues leading to this site on the back of a Civil War era cereal box!



Oh, Nancy! Nancy! It’s a success! I’m back! It’s a success! I have proof I’ve been to ancient Greece! Look at this grape!


Well hey, if there’s a legend of lost gold, and your metal detector goes off, what else could it be?


Wait Civil War and stolen gold? I think some guys found it already…


Has Nic Cage arrived onsite yet?



Set the dial for a thousand and put in three dimes. I’ll be gone for a thousand years.


Eh, probably just a pull tab, nothing to see.




The gold story is obviously just a smokescreen.
They are looking for Thor’s hammer.


A similar event is re-created in the 1994 documentary film Timecop:




Sir, if you find the gold, I just want you to be aware of the CFG program: http://www.catsforgold.com/


I’m not the only one who watches it!!!


FBI spokeswoman Carrie Adamowski wouldn’t say what the agency was doing there, only that FBI personnel were “carrying out court-authorized law enforcement activity in Elk County.” She declined further comment to CNN.

Well, that’s a fun new twist in the idea of civil asset forfeiture.


I looked for that. Couldn’t find it. Was buried too far down.


Great, now I can’t get this out of my head…