Train full of Nazi war spoils claimed found in Poland


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I don’t get it.

If a train goes into a tunnel, there’s a very high likelihood it comes out the other side. If it doesn’t, I can tell you just where to look for it. It’s in the tunnel.

How could it take 70 years to figure this out?


I think the key word in the article is “excavation”-- maybe the tunnel had a side track and that part of the tunnel was sealed off, maybe it wasn’t in a typical rail “tunnel” at all, just derailed and buried in a ditch.

Or maybe the story is all bunk.

In the haze of the war, with the feared Red Army approaching, I can imagine a lot of stuff got lost when the perpetrators were feverishly hiding stuff, and then maybe got killed in action to boot. Aren’t they still looking for hidden Nazi gold in Lake Toplitz?


They need something to boost the credibility of their claim. I don’t know, maybe something like a contemporary photo?


Jesus, that picture of thousands of wedding bands is depressing. Fucking Nazis.


BBC reportage has been in steady decline for the last twenty years, hitting a new low today. How can a reporter write a story like this and not even think to ask the most obvious questions about it?


Yeah, I don’t blame the locals for being skeptical. Even if the people who claim to have found the train wanted to keep the location under wraps they could have snapped a couple digital close-up photos of the train itself.


I would love to see the guns mounted on this train.


[This is kind of a red flag:][1]

To date, nothing has been discovered, and there is no documentary evidence the trains ever existed, local journalist and writer Joanna Lamparska says.

"I do not know of any account confirming what is said, that the trains really existed. All the more, for many years, in Piechowice, as well as in Walbrzych, different exploration teams were trying to find these trains.

Imagine mounting an expedition to find the Titanic except without any evidence that there really ever was a ship called the Titanic.


Much like the discovery of Troy.


There are a lot of legends about what Germans were trying to make in Poland. Fact is that there have been large complex of underground structures being prepared around that area (Wałbrzych) where the guys claim to find the train ( Most of the structures have been destroyed and people keep on searching - it is fun, and you can play with metal detectors. Some claim that the train might have been hidden under Sobiesz mountain (, use google translator) - which is near easter boarder - quite distant.
The “finders” did not go to the Polish government, neither dug anything, they just went to some notary/lawyer so that he would get them 10% finders deal of what they have found (, I do not know if they have given any estimated value or have presented any proof. It might be that they try to get some financial protection in case they find something in future.


I’d say more like “the search for Atlantis.” (We did have written and archeological evidence of Troy’s existence before the city was actually found, after all.)


For the same reason people puzzle over what the US Civil War was about - they don’t like the answer. What the Germans were trying to make was Auschwitz.


I was present at the excavation of Heorot - Hrothgars high and horn-gabled Hall of the Hart.

Which, until that time, was considered a total myth for 12 centuries.
So I’d keep the possibilities of some legends having basis in reality open…


A train carrying gold would be much less publicised though - it may or may not exist, but it’s not surprising that we don’t have much evidence for it. It’s at least plausible, as the Nazis were definitely taking gold and presumably transporting it by train. They also dug a lot of tunnels in the area and could have hid the train as the war was ending. It could also just be wishful thinking on the part of treasure hunters though, so I wouldn’t say it’s likely.


Because its not a train on a regular railway.

This is about Project Riese


Yes, indeed Poland is probably the second by the number of concentration camps and the first by the number of extermination camps, but I rather wanted to point out the war machine projects rather than killing grounds. Germans dug a lot of tunnels in different locations, build some strange structures, some experimental factories. The V2 rockets ware tested in Northeast Poland… they seem to use slave labor to do a lot of strange stuff…


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