FBI says it will notify state officials when local election systems are hacked

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“Gee, thanks.”

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The day after right?


No word on preventing election hacks though :thinking: Looking at the Republican party for rejecting every single attempt to do so.






It would be a lot more helpful if they notified state voters when the election systems are hacked…


Yes, and bring back the Pony Express while you’re at it.

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You didn’t get the FBI memo? They’re back!

Oh wait … new memo says they’re gone again.

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Like, after it happens, or before it happens? 'cuz I’m guessing they’re on top of both cases.

Reminder that the FBI’s usual role in rigging elections is to facilitate it, not prevent it.


Which FBI? The DOJ’s FBI? Bill Barr’s DOJ?

That’s adorable.

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Mulder and Scully are on the case!

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Thank God; we’ll never have to worry about this again.

Well, to notify officials, they have to actually know when hacking has occurred. We were reassured that there was no evidence whatsoever that hacking of vote tallies had taken place during the last presidential election… because no investigation whatsoever was done to check if it happened. So further deliberately not investigating alleged hacking would prevent the need to notify…

I constantly wonder if they didn’t investigate because they expected to find evidence of hacking. Even a hint that vote tallies were altered would invalidate the presidential elections and cause a kind of crisis the US hasn’t faced before (not to mention bring a ton of shit on whoever found that evidence). I wonder if, at least on some level, they didn’t make the decision that having a bad, un-elected president like Trump wasn’t the better option.

They’ve been quite clear that providing for secure elections is a “naked power grab by Democrats.” That line seems to have flown under the radar, as has lot of shady shit in the shitnado that DC has become.


“Is their security at risk?”
“They have no security.”
“Oh. Well, never mind then.”

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Hey look, they were hacked! Should we tell em?


It’s literally the least they can do. Be thankful for the smallest of small favors?

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I suspect if they actually follow through on this, every state will need to be notified.

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