FCC halts public comments on Net Neutrality


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When the government is not accountable to its citizens, what redress do we have?


Don’t forget, the FCC doesn’t control the USPS:

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20554


FCC = F#%! Citizen Comments


Judging by the last few years of US politics, the answer is “vote for the most batshit crazy person you can find.”


I gotta get down there and run for president!


I’m amazed they even bothered to have a comments address. After all, the only people that would use it are radical anarchist-communist terroristicalists. Probably moooslims too.

Ooh waitaminute… maybe it was a honey trap to get emails for all them trouble-makers.


You have my vote!



I actually got a call from the FCC this past weekend to confirm that I was a real human being and that yes, I posted a comment on their website. It’s fortunate that I didn’t just let it go to voicemail, which is what I would typically do for a call that the caller ID said was from Washington. I’m assuming that they are doing this to invalidate as many comments as they can.


likewise… I don’t know anything about you, but I think the odds are in my favor that you couldn’t be worse


I hope not, I had a similar call but let it go to voicemail.


They’re calling it a procedural quirk. Bots? Big Data? I imagine the net providers are volunteering to “help” with that.


The problem is differentiating between bot-generated comments and the canned comments that frequently show up on various politically active groups’ websites. I often get asked to send my reps and other congresscritters comments about this or that piece of legislation, and for my convenience, I am provided a pregenerated message with all the talking points; all I have to do is click the district-relevant name.


I’d quite happily vote for you to be World President.


Underlying Techdirt article: “While I’m sure some folks will insist that this is being done to stop the public from commenting, that’s not true. It’s just a dumb rule that the FCC has that it should dump, in part because of just how clueless and out of touch it makes the FCC look.”

Cory: “the FCC has solved the problem by telling the public to go fuck themselves”

So is this a standard application of a stupid rule, or is it the FCC deliberately trying to keep the public from commenting? Because this piece and the article it links to reach wildly differing conclusions on that.


And they will then proceed to redirect them to the “circular filling cabinet”?


The founding fathers proposed the First Amendment so that we could reassure the government that it’s doing a good job, and that its hands are of normal size. It’s a shame that so many people have learned to abuse it.


The current government’s hands are yuuuge! They are the most beautiful hands. Believe me. They are the best hands. Nobody has seen better hands.