FCC won't take action over Stephen Colbert's Trump-Putin joke that led to #Firecolbert complaints

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Out of curiosity, were there any actual LGBT advocacy organizations registering this complaint or was it a bunch of Trump supporters who suddenly realized how important it was not to offend gay people?


Also, what’s gay about sucking cock? The sucker ain’t enjoying it.


Closer, I think.

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But you’re all missing the point: a naughty word! He said a naughty word! I am literally clutching my pearls, except not literally. It is vitally important we all act outraged, especially if we disagree politically, which of course has no relevance to our pearl-clutching, except when it does, such as always.


I wondered the same. On a side note, a hockey player was just fined $10,000 for calling a ref a cocksucker. Maybe he should have called him a cock holster instead.


But that hockey player was fined by his own organization (the NHL), so that’s more analogous to “CBS penalizes Colbert for violating a decency clause in his contract” than “FCC penalizes Colbert/CBS for offensive comment.”

Yes, I’d like to talk to you about Net Neutrality and … hello? hello?


Good point!

I bet most of the complaints come from the supporter’s, of the Orange Smurf, who is happy to “grab um by the pussy”.


I think you speak for yourself there. From what people who do that sort of thing have told me.


Also, he might not have been fined if his hand was in front of his mouth and all he said was “Beep!”

That’s because you – as the suckee – are being uncomfortably aggressive. Be gentle. Allow the sucker to take over and work their hopefully mutual magic.

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