FDA approves Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for five to 11-year-olds

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Praise Cheebus. We’ll be calling around for appointments ASAP. Best of luck to y’all who are interested in getting your shorties a shot!

Edit: spoke a hair too soon. Need the CDC to approve next, and that’s cited as being discussed on Tuesday, November 2nd in the CNN article. SO CLOSE!


the company hopes the lower dose will reduce the risk of any side effects

Uhh, is that really how the approval process is supposed to work? Surely this is a misquote or something?


The only downside is that we might have given the family an ultimatum that they have to get vaccinated (which they did not) or no Christmas with the kids because the kids were too little to get vaccinated, and now there is a slight chance the kids could be fully vaccinated by Christmas (if they get it right away). So do I un-cancel Christmas? Or leave it as a big F-U, you wouldn’t do the bare minimum to protect my kids?


The vaccinations are free to everyone.

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When it comes to my family, I will do anything in my power to protect them.

During this pandemic, that meant we first cut ties with people who kept going out despite the lockdowns. One got sick (thankfully very mild case) and then suddenly everyone became very serious about the lockdowns. After 3 months, we finally met up again, and families literally huddled together, masked, for Halloween.

I think it’s worth saying that we’d lost a family member on my side of the family during this period, so people were taking it serious.

We had the smallest Thanksgiving ever, with a single guest, who’d been alone at their home for months. Christmas and New Years were the same, although with vaccines slowly deploying a light at the end of the tunnel was there.

I then spent months getting the family, extended family, my employees, and extended extended family vaccinated. I drove them hours away to get vaccines if they were available. I booked dozens of appointments. I filled out so many forms. I did it all to protect them, and in a way to even protect them from themselves. The single hold out I haven’t seen in nearly 2 years now, and can only wish her well.

A month ago, one of the oldest in the family got COVID19. They only found out because they had to fly. Suffered minimal symptoms, although they were stressed beyond belief. We all credit the vaccine for keeping them safe. I ran the over the counter tests on anyone who was around her, all of whom were vaccinated, and all negative. Even her husband who, you know, was very close to her. This event has galvanized them to vaccine belief.

All of that is to say the “big F-U” sounds right to me.


Well it sort of is. I mean we have data showing the vaccine is safe, effective, and has low rate of serious side effects. But we don’t know how low, and we don’t know what would happen if we tried a higher or lower dose. Those decisions were made based on very educated guesses months ago.


I am happy to hear it, but I dread the next round of fighting the fear-mongering.

(Look of disapproval at Newsweek)


For real Newsweek, and I know some parents aren’t so sure but I bet most are pretty sure.

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