Feature Request: reset "where you left off" manually

There may be a way to do this already, but if I end up jumping down a thread* and skip a bunch of comments, I’d like to be able to manually re-set my “this is where I left off” point earlier/higher up in that thread. I love this feature, and this would be the cherry on top for me.


  • I click on a reply to me from my notifications that is way downthread
  • I jump down to a comment downthread by clicking on the down arrow from the replies preview

Thanks for bringing that up. It’s something that’s been in the back of my mind, too.

Another example is if someone here links to a comment in some other thread, but you haven’t read the other thread yet, and you follow the link.

(One thing I sometimes do now with some of my notifications and the links to posts in other threads, is to open them in an incognito window so that the system doesn’t match the action to my user name–thanks to @Ignatius who suggested that to me a while back.)


+1000 to this.

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