Federal judge opens path for NY Grand Jury to review Trump's tax returns

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as stated by someone else -
“The “billionaire” who hides his tax returns
The “genius” who hides his college grades
The “businessman” who bankrupts casinos
The “playboy” who pays for sex
The “philanthropist” who defrauds a charity
The “patriot” who dodged the draft
The “innocent man” who won’t testify”




So he’s revealed that he wanted to be President to enjoy immunity from prosecution.


I was laughing out loud at work in a place that is very dangerous to disclose that I hate Trump when I first saw the news on NPR…

Then about an hour later I saw that it is now stayed and this Orange shitgibbon gets yet another pass.

Will someone just do their fucking job already and drag his corruption into the light, please? This greasy bastard continues to get away with everything


And his family, and his businesses. And anything that even peripherally touches on him. Because otherwise he is screwed. I tried to find the Wizard of Id comic from years ago, with the king on the balcony saying “I’m the king! You have to do what I say or else I can’t be king anymore!” But no dice. My poor recreation will have to do.


His worst nightmare: being exposed as a non-billionaire, in hock up to his neck to Russian oligarchs.


What is the procedure for making sure that any tax documents he does turn over to the court are legit and not frauds? Does the NY court have authority to make the IRS hand over its files to check against?
Its just that Trump is a habitual liar and there is no reason to think he’s above fraud if he thinks he can strong arm his way out of getting caught


They’re subpoenaing (man, that looks weird written) the original filings from the state of NY, not trump. That’s why they’re freaking out; they don’t have a cabinet level crony to obfuscate and deny a lawful request.


The auditor that gets to these fetid docs will reflect that face in the picture.

His “unmatched wisdom” is paying great dividends.

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