Federal judge says people in Indiana are allowed to smoke hemp

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So for the unhip - why would one smoke hemp if it has only a trace amount of THC?


Because the commandment “smoke weed everyday” doesn’t exclude low-THC schwag. It would be immoral to break the commandment.


I’ll take “things that wouldn’t be a problem if the US could adopt a sensible nationwide approach to marijuana regulation” for $5000, Alex.


It can legally contain CBD, which has therapeutic effects when smoked.


OK so… just had to look this up. Hemp appears to be (drumroll please) Cannabis Sativa.
If you want lots of THC, separate the males from the females, kill all the males, maybe keep one alive to continue the species but for the love of gourd keep it in its own airtight hermetically sealed environment until you WANT to create fertilized seeds. Or so a friend told me.

Now maybe industrial hemp has been bred to produce less than 0.3% THC (boo hissss!) but I wonder if you raised it while isolating the females… hmmmmm. I do have some friends in IN.

So, hemp flower = cannabis sativa flower… 0.3% THC in the buds? sigh…

Question: what sort of CO2 sequestration happens w these kinds of plants? Are they good in a crop rotation? Nitrogen fixing?

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Same here.


Am I to take that this has been propaganda all along? And if so, should I pay attention to the NORML folks that pretty much state that weed can cure everything from the common cold to cancer?

Honestly, I think all of it should be legal…it just seems that for my entire lifetime I’ve heard nothing but propaganda that seemed like BS when I would have actually respected the answer “I WANT TO SMOKE IT TO GET HIGH”. And of my friends that do smoke, those that make no excuses about it are the only ones I don’t find entirely annoying.


There is no ‘Indianans’; the word is ‘Hoosiers’.


Wouldn’t that invite the indignity of being labeled “Hoosier Hempheads”?


The indignity is living in Indiana.
(said as a lifelong resident of Indiana)


But it doesn’t seem that people want to smoke it to get high. According to an answer above, it contains CBD, which according to some can alleviate some ailments.

But I was just curious. I mean people vape or smoke for the nicotine. I didn’t know what hemp was supposed to do for you. Now that I think about it, what does cloves do for you?

Not sure where you read that I think folks smoke it to get high. That said, there are folks in this forum talking about how to do just that. I’m simply stating the fact that the standard line by the legalization squad was that it couldn’t be smoked at all.

And if it couldn’t be smoked, there is no confusing it with marijuana cigarettes because one could be smoked, and the other couldn’t.

AGAIN, I’m talking about the propaganda of the last 30+ years I’ve heard from the NORML people.

And once again, I support legalizing both hemp and weed. Apparently I’m still wrong by the people that want it legalized because apparently I’m not following their route of deception.

Well it sure sounds like that here:

Well… you can smoke just about anything at least once…


I was talking about actual weed.

Not the side step of stating you can’t get high from hemp, it will make you sick if you do, convince everyone of this until hemp is legalized, then claim you CAN smoke it…because it then blurs the line if you are smoking weed or hemp. Which are the same plant with different THC levels which allows for a sidestep legalization.

if I didn’t have asthma, I might consider smoking it myself…I can’t smoke ANYTHING so I don’t.

My biggest point is that the most obnoxious folks I’ve ever know that smoked weed have CONSISTENTLY pushed this line. I know the anti-weed folks are just complete jerks and will lie about anything…but well…they have so many obnoxious things about them why just choose one.

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”

– Henry David Thoreau (although I have no idea if he ever spent time in Indiana)

Nicotine. Cloves are a flavored tobacco product.

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Because you are 17 and you think you know what you are doing and you already spent all your money on what you later come to understand is appropriately called ditch weed?

I know of at least one case where that’s true.

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Thanks. I’m learning all kinds of stuff in this thread.

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