Federal judge throws out Palin's defamation suit against the NY Times


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Collusion between fake-news and the deep-state!


Didn’t she used to be somebody?


If only stories about the failed lawsuit against the DNC were this much fun to cover…


Nope, she just has interesting neighbors.


Up North I heard…


Never thought I’d see anyone as dumb as her in politics. Shows what I know.


I would argue that the drama surrounding the correction was overblown, the NYT editorial was more poorly expressed than anything since the article saying “political discourse is crazy in the US” included a PAC that used crosshairs over congressional districts with the representative listed - but the object of contention is that there was no actual link between the image and when a congresswoman got shot. The shooter was still a rabid Alex Jones fan and the map is more and example of how toxic messages are between the small islands of “oh, that might not have been a great idea.”


That’s a pity. I would like to think that the NYT defamed Palin at every possible opportunity, and that the defence was “fair comment”. After all, Fox and the like get away with it all the time attacking progressive politicians.


It all started when someone said “Republicans need to get involved in cyber!” and they all misheard it as “Siberia”.
Donald just decided it was too cold for golf courses and went a bit further west.


Man, she should cancel her subscription.


Surely you mean “the secretary who has to go through all the papers and cut out bits that refer to her should forget to renew the subscription and not tell her.”


No. I mean the secretary who cuts out the pictures :grinning:


She tweeted this:

Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: “Don’t Retreat, Instead - RELOAD!” Pls see my Facebook page.

And then posted this:

Its funny how her verbs are not vote or canvass, but “reload” and “take”. She’s got to learn that guns are not a fashion statement… when she uses guns (even metaphorical ones) to make a point, she is inciting real violence.


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