Federal prosecutors release rowing photos Lori Loughlin allegedly used to get daughters into USC

Yup. The 'Pedia just told me that Lori and Moss pleaded not guilty, which means they want to pay the lawyers and drag this through the entire court of public opinion all the way to and through their court date in October. Should be fun to watch, and I hope TMZ has fun with it.


Um, is she the one whose sentence was two weeks in the clink?


Yes. She paid $15K for longer time for her kid to take the SAT (and I think there might have been some additional, worse fudging on the answers involved). Aunt Becky and her husband paid $500K and forged a lot of documents and information to get their two kids into college. They got fraud charges and a bunch of other stuff added to the original charges.

So, both sets of parents broke the law, but one 'fessed up quickly and took her punishment and the other one thought she’d win in the court of public adoration and so played chicken with the actual courts.


Okay, but I just don’t want to downplay how her “punishment” lasted a mere two weeks. Not all that much to “take,” no?


This [ . ] is a period. Please use it in good health. :wink:


I don’t know that she knew it would be that short, but yes, she’s a famous actress rather than an inner city youth, and so clearly she got the benefit of the doubt in the way that most people don’t…


You want her to be breaking rocks maybe? She also paid a (smallish) fine, publicly confessed that she was a moron, turned her daughter into a laughingstock among her peers, and was sentenced to a nontrivial amount of community service. It doesn’t seem too inappropriate a punishment given the nature of the crime and her contrition and cooperation, though she did get off much more lightly than some other parents who committed the same crime and also pleaded guilty, not to mention all the people we regularly incarcerate for crimes that are no more serious but have far longer sentences attached.

It would have been more amusing had the community service been picking up cigarette butts on the roadside or being forced to act in a Hallmark movie.

The people I want to see burn are the college officials who took bribes. So far all I’ve seen is announcements of firings, and while many of them are being prosecuted I don’t know if their sentences will make the newspapers.

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Right? Good for her for admitting what she did. She didn’t waste the time of the court or the public.

Also… best celebrity couple name mash up.



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