FedEx still begging suckers to install Flash for online print orders


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safari asks if you want flash now…


Pandora, the music streaming service, up until recently only supported Flash. I checked just now and seems like they just recently made the switch to HTML. Thank fucking god. I haven’t been able to use it on a browser for a few years.

I think Amazon Music still will only stream via Flash though (besides their phone app). I checked last month i think and it was a no go. Edit: Oh hey, looks like they just recently made the switch as well.


Good thing I use UPS then. They use HTML and it works fine.

I think Amazon Prime Video just recently got off of Silverlight.


I haven’t had a need to run it on my desktop since my PS4 will stream Amazon Video but good to know they’ve moved away from that too.


Let’s go full-bore irony:

Bank of America offers a service called “ShopSafe” that allows users to safeguard their credit card info by creating a single-use throwaway credit card number.

The catch? You’re NOT allowed to safeguard your computer (and by extension, your whole damned B of A account), because the service is Flash-only.


Why would they use Flash for such a dry purpose?


FedEx also still makes you use Java to print shipping labels with a thermal printer.


I picked up a Firestick recently and I know Sliver Light won’t run on that. Pretty sure that’s why they switched away.


I ran into this last month. FedEx is the closest print center in walking distance, so I wound up taking a walk down there with a thumb drive.


If only there were some kind of simple way to change hundreds of thousands of lines of inefficient legacy code*…

(*I have no direct evidence of the amount of code, but I would bet a nickel I’m right)


There is something seriously wrong with code that needs a new patch every week.


I think Andrea was talking about their printing service, formerly known as Kinkos; unless you have UPS stores that do printing and don’t seem like fronts for drug smugglers.

(Last time I went to a UPS store for a non-amazon return they could only take cash because the card readers were down, or so they said)


Aha! Someone at the library makerspace mentioned that FedEx did 3D printing. If they own Kinkos, that would make more sense.


Ah, got it. I was thinking the website itself. My bad


And this is an example of the brand confusion they brought upon themselves by getting rid of the Kinkos name.


Yeah, Barclays has Flash on its online banking site as well.


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