Feed the Beast: London's extreme horror-cake shop opens with an edible devil-horse


My gut reaction was this is something that Emperor Caligula would have enjoyed.

200 hours to complete? Even if that was 200 man hours and the two guys worked 24/7 you’d have thought that would be pretty stale. Though with enough rum you’d not care.

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I’m along the same thought line. I’ve always thought creations like this are more art than functional food. Personally just give me a damn good cake/cupcake and some excellent icing and I’m happy.


Of all the horse pastries I have seen, this takes the cake.

Oh that’s awesome. I love crazy ambitious cakes. It’s all crazy Roman empire up in there.

Surely nobody considers this excellent art or excellent food? It’s got to be staged just so the swells in attendance can boast of living a rich life.

“How was your weekend? Do anything special?”
“Nothing much. At one point I drank rum that was dripping from the nose of a devil-horse made of cake. How about you?”

That is probably the most amazing cake I have ever seen. I can’t help but feel they missed a trick by not dyeing the rum a shade of crimson, however.

Yes, the guy who owns the restaurant where I got married told me that someone once brought in a cake from the store in Jersey that does that cake show on TLC. Said it was gorgeous but tasted like crap.

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