Freddie Mercury chocolate cake


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Her show premieres on Netflix this Friday:

She’s fantastic, but please don’t read the low- and negative-vote Reddit comments. Just, eww.


Wow, she’s very skilled.


Mercury is bad to eat.


Perhaps, but it is the sweetest of the transition metals.


I wanna eat the mustache.


“…I don’t want to cut it. You cut it.”

“Yeah, I want to know what it tastes like, but I don’t want to cut it either.”

“Oh well.”



In your case replace ‘CAKE’ with ‘MUSTACHE!’. :smile:


Damn, I was really hoping for a recipe for chocolate cake by Freddie Mercury.

This is cool too, I guess…


I hope it’s a liquorice mustache.


I could never cut that cake. It would crumble to dust instead, in a glass case.


Definitely something to sink one’s unusual overbite into!


Nine of out ten doctors agree…you should never read the Reddit comments…



I’m a let you finish, but Mary Berry is the Queen of cakes.


I’m going to have this with it.


I just came to post that, her stuff looks awesome!




San Diego has a nice sense of style, I must admit.

I’m in for cake and champagne, though. Beer and cake don’t swing.

And that cake? Spanning several octaves. Looking good.


Not knocking her ability, but I became decidedly less impressed with cake sculpture in general when I found out that “cake” was kind of a loose term.


8 kilos of beautifully sculpted icing on a cupcake, right?