Feedback on Discourse badges and BBS specific badges

How about “(User=Funruly) has not violated Rule 1 in XX days”

Give all regular level users the power to flag any of comment and reset the timer for that user back to zero.

How about an ‘Area 51’ badge that we never see because it’s only added to posts that mysteriously disappear never to be seen again?

edit: or maybe 'Bermuda Triangle" is more appropriate?


I like non-specific badges. Little thank you totems earned for doing something neat or making the right kind of contribution.

It would be nice if badges weren’t triggered by point accumulation but handed out by staff/writers/moderators as a way to say, “Yeah, you’re a part of this community and we value you.”

I would focus on the positives as much as possible but maybe even giving people a totem of shame (A Blob Fish?!) would be a good way to warn people when they’re heading into troll territory and that they need to shape up. It also gives the rest of us an idea of who is on notice so we can let moderators know if they continue to misbehave.

I’d also like to have a n00b badge (based on a combo of posts & registration date?) so that new folks are clearly identified and given some leeway, encouragement and help as they get a feel for the community.

Or maybe badges just make people uncomfortable and create a weird class hierarchy.


The problem with all these hypothetically “magically awarded editorially because magic” badges is that they create work for people, most notably the editors who are profoundly overworked as it is.

I don’t think giving harried editors a new, abstract, I-can’t-even-explain-how-to-determine-who-gets-it thing … to arbitrarily award users on a regular ongoing basis … is exactly a realistic course of action here.

Now in the context of a contest, sure.

Also @patrace a troll badge is generally a very bad idea, for the obvious reasons.


I think post v1 we will get to category specific badges, N likes on topics the “games” category and N likes on posts in the “games” category that could be used to fill the same need here which is cool.

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I think this has merit, seriously.

If what we’re trying to do is encourage positive behavior, the this flag serves as the stick (if not the carrot) for that purpose.

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Well, what can the Discourse software actually measure? Knowing that will help the community come up with reasonable automatically-rewardable goals.


Magic is important.

I know arbitrary badges create more work but I think you’d see a better result. It would be fun and personal.

If editors don’t have time to care about such things, they could always delegate to community members. I think that’s how the throwback BBS hierarchy worked, a promote-from-within thing where people were giving tiny privileges over time as a way to reward contributions and help manage tasks.

I trust that whatever you guys implement will be excellent, just kicking ideas around.

Keep in mind, the “create random badge, give it a font awesome glyph and assign it to someone” is already 100% built, if the powers that be wanted to start assigning them they could.


I was thinking less stick, more fitbit. As in, it would provide me anonymous, non-threatening feedback as to whether I have been keeping with the spirit of the prime goal.


Maybe there should be a badge for having read through an entire discussion before replying.

Rewarded for threads > 50 posts long, every post downloaded from the server and at least ~10 seconds per post before hitting reply.

Ha ha ha wait this is the internet, nobody would get that badge.


I think there should be a badge for reading through all the thread before replying.


Then I’m not sure what you’re looking for here Sam. Your ideas for badges seem to fall on the awarded individually side of the scale (and if such badges can already be awarded, but aren’t, then there seems little point to brainstorming more) and Jeff seems to want badges that can be automatically given out.

Badges for “likes received” and such don’t seem like really great carrots, and more complex badges like “Created a topic that’s been read for 10,000 cumulative minutes” feel more like milestones than ways to push towards a behavior.

How about some kind of periodic “honor student” type badge that rewards things like highest like-to-post ratio for the month?


The only badge on BB should be an Above Average badge. And everyone should get one.


Unlocking this achievement should allow users to play the thread again in “Frauenfelder Mode.”


Then all the women should get “strong” badges and all the men should get “good looking” badges.


But then n00bs would be able to tell which of us aren’t brahs and can get straight to the mansplaining with no guess work. That’s no fun.


META - opened n topics in META, with at least one response by another user

repeat for other categories

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GOSTAK - has distimmed n doshes (unless the doshes are galoons, in which case the badge should be GALOONER)

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