Feedback on the new category column appearance

I scan colors quicker. Taking away the full color bar is much, much slower to parse for me.


Honestly, I don’t really give a rats ass about the categories. I’d happily dump the idea entirely. I read what sounds interesting, and what’s generating discussion.

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How about


Categories work for me. I like being able to quickly visually sort the BB editorial content from user generated topics.

I prefer the solid full color bars for quick scanning. ,(I’m just not seeing the problem with them.) If those are not to be I prefer the bars that have the saturated color column and shade of the color over the one that have the white.

That works better for me.

100% the way to go.

I think the video thumbnails need to be circles too, otherwise why do circles for the stills?

Much better. The current flag of color looks less like a conscious design choice and more like the page has failed to load an element properly, but the shadow of color behind the word solves that nicely.


That looks good to me,

I’m no designer, but could a potential solution be to do away with the box things and colour the text instead…? Or has that already been tried and binned…?

Text on a coloured background…?

And if any HAVE to be grey (I don’t like grey, but that’s just personal) they don’t stand out too well on a black background.

Looks a bit like a clone whig.

this thread’s about the BBS category flag color thingies, not the circular thumbs on the homepage of BB today (just testin’)

Anything ever come of this?

It’s configurable by site admins @beschizza can revert to old style or style it differently if he wished , I use squares in my design which is my personal fav

We can try squares here. Since we circled everyone’s avatars – let’s add some karmic justice and switch from category bar to category squares (technically square bullets).

let the complaints begin

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None here. The Red Square for the “boing” category is entirely appropriate for all us Cultural Marxists.


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