Feedback on vertical timeline


I like the more muted blue. I’m still not sure what I’m gaining by having an extra way to scroll, and the dates over there. Maybe some others find it useful.


So there has definitely been something about the scrollbar which has been putting me off it since it was released, but I haven’t been able to identify what it was until just now while I was reading @renke’s comment about it moving.

When you click the scrollbar to scroll to a different post it moves and the post # listed next to it changes, but the posts don’t actually move… and this may sound weird, but I think it may actually be giving me a little bit of motion sickness :confused:. This is only compounded by the fact that when you scroll from say post #1 to post #51 in a topic with the new scrollbar it has to reload the topic page, however I realize that a scrollbar on the bbs has to work this way based on how the BBS loads posts. All of this goes back to what @renke is saying though, when I scroll with the already existing scrollbar in my browser I see the posts move, and I don’t have to reload the topic, but having the UI on the BBS for moving through a topic be a scrollbar that without visually moving posts… I’m just not sure about it yet.

EDIT: I’m starting to wonder if this is literally about feedback, and I don’t mean as in us giving you feedback @codinghorror but as in haptic feedback. The scrollbar doesn’t create any feedback, other than the numbers next to it changing and it moving up and down its line, I have nothing to gauge on how far I have moved through the ‘space’ of the web page, using the scrollbar eliminates the illusion of a topic existing as a physical space or room inside the BBS and it is very disorienting. In comparison a standard web browser scrollbar causes the entire page to move.


No sickness here. I agree about the scrolling and not having the posts move.

ETA: Retracting the statement about post numbers. I was off about that.The posts need to scroll if you use the timeline bar for it to make sense.


Hm, could the scrollbar be replaced with something more like the post/topic tracker you get when you are replying to someone in a thread, maybe you could have it also display the most recent post and first post dates on either side of it, you could even make the blue highlighted part of it be draggable if you really wanted to and still show the post date of the post you are currently looking at… like a sideways scroll bar? I just feel like that would be less disorienting, but then again if the posts still aren’t moving when you are dragging or adjusting even a sideways scroll bar it still might feel off, thoughts?

EDIT: Oh, you already get something like this when you use the “#” keyboard shortcut.


Regarding the “Reply” button at the bottom of the timeline, I agree with the earlier comment that it really grabs attention visually, but I think it might be more problematic than that.

If reading is more important than writing, why add a shortcut to commenting on a topic without at least scrolling through the existing ones? Having a “reply to thread” button floating on the side will just encourage people to reply without reading preceding comments, which is already enough of an issue as it is.


Agreed, but

  1. There’s no real way of stopping people from replying early if they are hell bent on doing it. At least the editor does not prevent them from reading as they reply, here. Or even navigating to a completely different topic altogether while editing. It all works.

  2. If they are gonna reply early, they’ll jam “reply” on the first post they see that sets them off anyhow … which is effectively the same thing. You know, people are Frequently Wrong On The Internet.

Longer term I think things like showing, for new users, how many posts they read in the topic next to their username – will have a more significant deterrent effect than hiding the reply button from them.

(and we weren’t really even doing that, because every post has a reply button, yes?)


Honestly I’m speaking from what we have now. I’m not keeping a local copy of the git repo, if there is one. :wink: Speaking specificly to the reply per post, yes that’s always existed and should probably stay. It requires you to reply to an individual though. That’s different than replying to a topic. People respond.


Right but in terms of

scroll until I am pissed off enough to prove someone is Wrong on The Internet, then slam the Reply button on their post

there is 0.0% difference.


I suppose. Has it statistically worked out that way? (You’re in the position to have data on something like this.)

If you stop on me specifically, I guarantee you’ll get a different response than if you just tack it on the end of a thread.


Yes, there is usually at least one person with just the right level of, uh, let’s say … flair … to set someone off in a discussion, and encourage the pressing of the reply button on their post.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, since you can keep reading, scrolling, etc with the editor visible.

Let’s go to the other extreme. As a thought experiment, what if we hid all the reply buttons until you reached the bottom of the topic, then they magically appeared on each post, and of course at the bottom where you already are?

Another idea. We could nag people who have the editor open, but have not reached the bottom of the topic yet, such that they can’t submit their pending reply until they do reach the bottom of the topic.

I think there are much more interesting and effective ways to tackle this than “let’s hide the cookie jar to lose weight”.


Probably my English is inadequate - the blue blob is distracting because it’s in my field of view when slowly scrolling through a topic. My eyes follow the text and the static blue thingy makes it much harder to follow the content. The button at the bottom is no problem because it’s at the bottom (harr) and does not move (i.e. is stable in regard to the rest of the page).

@TailOfTruth’s motion sickness is as word too drastic, but I like it as an exaggerated description of the issue.

PS Just realized that there’s a workaround. I will use BB only with an open reply box - the blue monster vanishes and is replaced by the polite small pale blue post counter box at the bottom right : )


Speak of the devil, I just finished throwing this together in a image editor because I was curious to see what it could look like as a concept. @codinghorror what do you think about something in this general design area as an alternative to the scrollbar?

This is what it looks like next to a post:


Well, that would just be confusing. Reaching the end of the thread to reply to the thread makes logical sense, having every post reply pile up at the bottom… (I know this is supposed to be a thought experiment, but did you just suggest that?)


You’d have to scroll back up to reply. It’s an extreme, as I said, not a real plan of any kind.

(FWIW, I do actually find myself replying a bit early, then scrolling back up, in a lot of topics.)


I’ve, seen that… (Done it too.)

ETA: I don’t know why the reply button on the right looks so tempting now, but I want to whack it like I’m buzzing in on Jeopardy.


I like your proposal, but for me it would be sufficient if the blue blob would be not in the center of the page. What about moving the slider thingy to the bottom?


Maybe, I don’t want to completely discount the scrollbar UI, but I don’t really like it all that much. However in general whether it’s a scroll bar or a little… sideways scrollbar thing (?) I definitely agree with you, whatever the UI it should float at the bottom of the page not in the middle.


I think right is good, as it has to float somewhere or you’d never see it until you hit the bottom of the thread. That reply button is a big bugbear though. It’s just asking to be pressed (RIGHT NOW).


Really rather y’all didn’t. BBS lately doesn’t have a good track record figuring out when I’ve read all the posts in a thread (whether on mobile or on desktop). It’s not annoying enough to have bothered reporting it but if y’all make us read all the posts in a thread before responding, I may not be able to respond to most threads.


That was mostly a sarcastic reply to my rantings. The (read count) may or may not be worthy of its own topic.