Felicity Huffman sounds like her 13 days in prison taught her nothing

Originally published at: Felicity Huffman sounds like her 13-days in prison taught her nothing


I have less than no interest in this story and haven’t been tracking it, but the other day I saw an article with her fears that her daughter wouldn’t pass the SAT given as reasoning for the cheating. It then stated that her daughter got into Carnegie-Mellon on her own scores. Maybe just have her take a few sample tests first? And like, trust her?


that that was my only option to give my daughter a future,

The kid must appreciate her mom calling her an idiot in public.


I wonder why William H. Macy received absolutely no consequences from this.


“ It seemed like — and I know this seems crazy at the time — that that was my only option to give my daughter a future,"

The plight of kids whose parents were a Dun & Bradstreet executive and a scion of wealth who attended the Putney School (a boarding school in Vermont where tuition is $75,000) & who are both very successful actors with high net worths in their own rights; is an unrecognized tragedy in society.


The government hasn’t said, but experts speculate it’s because the feds had more evidence relating to Huffman’s actions and involvement (like correspondence with Rick Singer) than to Macy’s involvement.

Authorities have not said why Macy was not charged.

Louis Shapiro, a defense attorney who regularly represents federal defendants, said “when it comes to William H. Macy, it comes down to how culpable is he and how much evidence the government has against him.”

“Based on the evidence in the complaint, his wife played a far more significant role,” Shapiro said.

“Felicity Huffman is the more active member of the couple and is in more of the communication clearly with Rick Singer,” Shapiro said.

Shapiro said it is common for prosecutors to mention a spouse in a filing who “doesn’t have criminal culpability.”

I guess it pays to be the less-involved parent sometimes, at least when your parenting style involves criminal activity.


If the statute of limitations is 7 years for this; he’s not clear yet.


Goonies starts with Mama Fratelli busting her boy out of prison. Clearly “doing it for your child” wasn’t a great excuse.


I get that, but I guess I meant more consequences in the court of public opinion. I dunno. He seems like a smart guy. I have a hard time believing he wasn’t at least aware of what was going on.


I think it comes down to the same old misogyny, that women are the ones who are “naturally” the more active parent, and so are more responsible in this case. I don’t think that Macy was mentioned much when the case came to light either… it was mostly her and Aunt Becky that got all the attention…

Plus I don’t know how many people know that they are married? They’re celebrity mashed up name never really caught on, so…



This will never not be funny…


Smart enough to stay the hell out of this in public, for sure.

Me too, but prosecutors still love having hard evidence like text transcripts that they can show in court.


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