Fellow tricked by lung capacity tester


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No one who’s read Frank Conroy’s “Stop-Time” would be fooled by the trick. It’s an unforgettable scene from the book.


Ah man, even knowing the trick is coming I still had a good laugh at that. Great prank


Love that book, Colin! I think we had the same English professor at CSU who had us read that!


Gilbert Findlay, right? He was awesome — opened my eyes to so much good writing.


Oh I laughed alright. . . . pretty good.

My guess is there’s some kind of carburetor hole you have to plug with your fingers when you blow to avoid the prank.


I pronounce it to be the most whimsical jape of the season!


I kinda want to make one now:


I was assuming the first guy sucked on it, and there was some sort of stopper ball which kept him from inhaling the dust.


I suppose it’s a good thing it wasn’t loaded with deadly poison. The police wouldn’t suspect a thing!


Those Grand Illusions videos are like a little portable electronic Fun Grandad


That is one good-natured prankee.


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