Enjoy the stick figure horror of Metro Los Angeles's grisly new transit safety videos!

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Ahhh! I would watch an entire season of these!

A couple of thoughts: in the “Heads-Up or Headless” one… do the doors really slam shut and the train take off quite so explosively quick? The rest of these look like fairly realistic threats to avoid (I especially appreciate the person who glances down at Joan and gingerly steps over her corpse to board the train. As you do.) but I somehow doubt that running to catch the train is quite as deadly for us polychromatic people as it was for Jack.



I think it’s important to note that an optical illusion can make it seem like you have plenty of time to “beat” a train.


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I rather like these ones from Japan Rail


id love to take a photo of myself with one of those signs

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I love how the other commuter steps gingerly over Joan’s mangled corpse to catch his/her train. Are we sure this isn’t Chicago?

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snif…so beautiful.

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What’s with the faux-Minnesotan accent? Are the cold ones especially noted for safety-consciousness?

Why is everyone in Safetyville black?

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joan was asking for it.

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These would be awesome if they played them on the boring monitors at the Metro stations.

These seem like safety videos straight from Aperture Science…


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