Suspenseful short film about witnessing someone pushed onto subway tracks

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Can’t watch it right now, but I assume someone is listening to this on their head phones?


This reminds me of Steven Stiles’ story about growing up In New York City, where he is walking down the street, hears a thud behind him & finds a jumper splattered on the sidewalk. He walks away grumbling “No class. No class at all.” The caption at the bottom of the panel: On this day, a true New Yorker was born!

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Reminds me of…

Huh. Thank my paranoia that I keep away from the ledge until the train is coming to an halt.


When did basic safety become paranoia?

Well, it doesn’t feel like paranoia to me as I rarely think about it. But when I mention that I use always the nearest fire exit it when an alarm goes off of lock my car or check that fully packed rooms don’t have partially blocked exits, I get looked at if I was. Curiously, some of the same people praise their bicycle helmet even though they don’t wear bis in the shower or in the stairway

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