Felon poses with gun on social media, gets jailed for 2 1/2 years

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Why is this bullshit? Limiting access to firearms is a basic principle of gun control, which is a goal greatly to be desired. What would you have done instead?


Remember, kids: what you call “social media”, the police call “evidence”.


Apply the same treatment to a white person?

Oh yeah, Florida.


If we lived in a country that didn’t have a justice system so obviously biased against people of color, I might agree with you. We don’t.


I’m absolutely shocked this happened.There are so many examples of clearly illegal activity on Instagram and Twitter and other social media and this is the first I have heard of it actually leading to jail time. Maybe someone who knew he was a felon told the cops? Were the cops driving trollies (in the original sense) Instagram, looking for known felons? I’d like to know how this guy was caught.

I can’t tell if a person is a felon just by looking at them, but I can tell when they have a full auto Glock switch, which is highly illegal and becoming a problem in street crime. You can find people flashing them all over the place. A tiny percentage are SOT license holders who are showing off/driving trollies the internet, but most of them are people who just picked them up on the black market. It’s the lowest hanging fruit for enforcing gun laws, but I haven’t seen a lot of active enforcement. Only when someone gets picked up for something else does it add extra charges.

So this person should be allowed to do break the law because others are not punished?

Who here said that?


No one said that. If this person were white, they would not be getting over 2 years for posing on social media… :woman_shrugging:

No one, but apparently being upset about structural racism in our criminal justice system now means we think criming is a-okay! /s


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Sorry, I thought I had discarded that post before posting it. Although I was replying to the post saying “apply the same treatment to a white person”, which seems to imply that unless white people get arrested for posting their crimes no one should.

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Pointing out the very real racial disparities isn’t saying “let all criminals go free”… it does not even imply it…


It also doesn’t address the issue-which seem to be did this guy get arrested for braking the bounds of his parole or because he was Black while breaking the bounds of his parole. I asked what should have been done about the situation and the reply was “do the same thing to a white person.” How does that not imply that this guy should have gotten the same treatment as a white guy, and assumedly, not been arrested?

Which is not really what you said. you SAID, implying that folks here believed this, that:

Which no one argued. If a rich white guy ended up with a warning, slap on the wrist, or a much shorter sentence (under a year), then that’s what this person should get. :woman_shrugging:

Our criminal justice system is completely out of whack with actual justice and instead serves white supremacy and capitalism.

Also, nothing notes what his original felony conviction was for… I’m wondering how out of whack that was? Or if he was railroaded into pleading guilty by an over-worked public defender? Or if he was not even guilty of what he was accused of?


I totally agree that the justice system needs a major overhaul. Our whole society needs one.

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This was in Florida. They should be giving this guy a medal. /s

That’s literally all anyone was implying here! Some of us are sick of the racist, misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic… all the phobic shit we see all around us every day.


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