Felony charges for man accused of squirting "fecal" fluid over supermarket produce


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/12/28/felony-charges-for-man-accused.html


The punishment should include purchasing and eating all that produce; it seems that would fit the crime.


i sincerely hope it was only “like” feces.

Then again, we could stop wondering if there’s e. coli.


is there a crime like attempted mass poisoning on the books?


I’m certainly glad I didn’t happen to be in Charleston at the time.
As some may already know, I have nasal polyps. I cannot smell a damn thing. That fruit would have seemed fine to me.


Reminds me a bit of the Rajneeshee bioterror attack of 1984 where members of the cult sprayed salmonella n local salad bars in an attempt to incapacitate the local population so Rajneeshee backed-candidates could win the upcoming local elections.


Ugh, that’s really shitty of him.

(Someone had to say it.)


Smells great. . . if you’re a fly.


my Oh FFS of the day. My solution regardless, would be boot meets nuts.


Felony is too extreme. Misdemeanor and be done with it.


yeah…what a bummer he had to doo such a crappy thing, sounds like an ass.


I wonder if he used his own shit or dogshit. Either way the preparation would involve more handling of shit than most people would find acceptable.


Seriously? 12 comments in and nobody has done the obligatory “Christ what an asshole!”?

Or, is that hitting a little too close to home given the source of the fluid in the story?


“Christ what a squirt-hole!”


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