Female "Empowerment"

I really have problems to follow your guys logic, that is why I occasionally ask clarifying questions. For example I cannot see how you just described the exact problem I addressed. You know this transphobia and harassment was intentional? Bullying so they get rid of you one way or the other. And when you snap back, don’t you think they say “It is always the [Insert transphibic slur]”

Perhaps your experience with discrimination is insufficient to be able to understand what harassment from police looks and feels like?


Let me rephrase:

Why claim that an incident like the one described was definitely not caused by misogyny?

You attempted to show this wasn’t misogyny by substituting “Karen” for man. If I imagine a woman yelling at a man I imagine the woman asking for a manager, possibly saying they’ll get the man fired, possibly making a racist or otherwise bigoted comment. When I imagine a man yelling at a woman I remember a time when I heard a man threatening to sexually assault a woman who had gotten a coffee order wrong.

So yes, I can imagine both men and woman exploding at people of the same or of a different gender. But there are specific unmistakably misogynist character in some such interactions where men explode at women.

I don’t believe the point you are making hinges on denying the misogynist nature of the incident, but yet our entire conversation is built around it. Then because I won’t accept that misogyny wasn’t the cause of the incident, you have decided I don’t understand abuse and I have never been the subject of this kind of abuse.

And speaking of not trusting people on the internet and keeping in mind they might be part of a botnet set up to sow discord, I’m not going to waste any more words here.


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