Female New Zealand MPs ejected from Parliament for talking about their sexual assault

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Come on: it’s bad enough that women are not only allowed to vote but even be elected as public officials…but now they’re expecting to be able to speak openly on the subject of violent crime in the country when it is introduced on the floor. Oh, the horror.


Just so I’m absolutely clear: the Prime Minister accuses the opposition party of supporting rapists. Female members of the opposition party who’ve been assaulted dispute this and have the courage to speak out about their own experiences. They’re then forcibly removed.

It might be more complicated than that but I doubt it.


Again, I’m a little O/T, but similar cluelessness in the UK recently:

Vagina Vagina Vagina Vagina Vagina Vagina Vagina Vagina Vagina Vagina Vagina !


a racist blowhard who has smeared the opposition parties of “backing the
rapists” for their support of allowing NZ citizens with minor criminal
convictions (not sexual assault, incidentally) to return to the country
from Australia, where they have been imprisoned.

Cory has it completely arsey-versey here. The Australians introduced a policy of deporting NZ citizens with criminal convictions… even ones who have lived in Australia all their lives, paying Australian taxes, etc. As part of that policy, people in the process of awaiting deportation are detained in Christmas Island, which is the Australian equivalent of Guantanamo.

The Opposition parties in NZ are hassling the Key gubblement to make a stand for the rights of NZ citizens. Key and his colleagues are reluctant to do so and have decided that the detainees on Christmas Island must be bad people, because after all they were put there by Authority. Siding with Authority is one of his guiding principles, and when there isn’t a US policy he can tag along with, he looks for Australian policies as the next best option, even Australian policies that hurt NZers. Hence his response that the Opposition parties are “backing the rapists”.

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My first thought:
Lisa Brown: Silenced for saying (shock!) ‘vagina’ - CNN.com


Roger That!



Sometimes, even in something so horrible, there is a little ray of light to make you feel less down.

Emphasis mine, but typo is really in the URL. Sadly, it didn’t require any genius to know what the word was supposed to be.

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“Some of the [detainees] are rapists, some of them are child molesters, and some of them are murderers,” Key said.

This claim later proved to be false, but Key reckons that he was not guilty of misleading Parliament and it was the Australian government’s fault for not telling him that they weren’t rapists and murderers.

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I don’t think they were physically carried from the premises by burly bouncers.

They don’t call him “Teflon John” for nothing, this is his default mode - says whatever the hell he likes and then exonerates himself by shifting blame or creating another stir to distract from the original gaffe. The big problem is that a large number of New Zealanders consistently fall for his bullshit.


Thanks for clearing that up. You managed to explain it coherently, where Doctorow failed.

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As an Aussie would be perfectly fine with NZ deporting Australians who are guilty of criminal offences. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Well that’s a bit of irony!


I am given to believe that there are complicating factors, like the Australian deportation law being retroactive, i.e. the “doing the time” part was introduced after the doing of the crime. But the law in question is a real dog’s breakfast, having been rushed through by the Aussie PM of the time in a great rush, primarily to show his loyalty to US war efforts, with the idea that it would only affect visitors from Middle-Eastern countries… the deportations to other countries were collateral damage, as it were.

Then absurdities came to light, like deporting an Australian citizen to Ireland, on account of dual citizenship. I wouldn’t be surprised if Australians ridicule the law and John Key ends up being its last defender.

For a country so full of pleasant, friendly, and helpful people they sure know how to elect an asshole!

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Being deported from such a beautiful country would be its own punishment!