NZ Prime Minister John Key ejected from Parliament over Panama Papers rant

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NZ Prime Minister John Key

Wonder how much cash he has stashed offshore?


John Key was repeatedly standing up and talking before the Speaker addressed him. Rude!


Amateurs! 'Merican politicos skip the dead cats (or send them on to the Cheney residence for ‘disposal’) and jump straight to demeaning their opponents.


Question: How can one have oral question time (with the prime minister) if the Prime minister isn’t present in the chamber?

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FTFA: “Deputy Prime Minister Bill English, who was left to field a question to the PM from NZ First’s Ron Mark…”


Deputy Prime Minister Bill English, who was left to field a question to the PM from NZ First’s Ron Mark, defended Mr Key, saying his lapse was “accidental”.

“He was simply addressing the Greens vigorously and he just didn’t see the Speaker stand up. If he had seen it, he would have sat down because he was warned about it yesterday.”

So it’s an infraction that he’s been previously (and recently!) warned about. And this means that it’s something he wouldn’t have done intentionally.



“He’s on the back foot on this issue, so his point of attack now is to distract, throw various dead cats on the table”

What great language! Where can I read more like this?


Why did the speaker cut him off? He seemed to be answering the question posed him.

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Surely it isn’t fair or reasonable to expect the nobility to retain their cool even as they can hear peasants grovelling filthily through their affairs? Honor demands a certain level of anger!


Worth a read even if you’re not a kiwi, in my opinion. A good study of how contemporary right wing US/UK political techniques have been applied in NZ. Interesting because we’re not as good at it, so it’s easier to study. Our conservatives have a way of mimicking the worst parts of conservative politics in the rest of the western world; red-scare McCarthyism lingered here long after the man himself had been discredited.

Or if you just want to enjoy the style of colloquialism without the politics, there’s this guy:


Every time something bad happens to him I think of this. Can’t help it.

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Well many think this was the goal - to leave so that he didn’t have to answer the questions.

Remember Key used to be a currency trader for Goldman Sachs, he ran the Irish operation for a while … he well understands the machinations that people and companies go to to move money to avoid taxes in their home countries … his government pushed the current laws on trusts through parliament under urgency, avoiding the usual opposition scrutiny.


At least enough to retire comfortably in a country that does not have an extradition treaty with New Zealand?

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a great question - we know he’s worth tens of millions of dollars from his days as a currency trader - but it’s all supposedly in a blind trust managed by his lawyer … who as this scandal has evolved, we’ve learned is no longer a lawyer because he’s gone off to run a firm that manages these international tax haven trusts … and who has been lobbying the IRD in Key’s name to make sure that there’s been no review of NZ’s tax haven status.

Key claims it’s all chance and he has nothing to do with it all, but it’s all a bit too cozy to be that innocent … you can see why he’s running away from questions


That’s a matter of opinion. I’d maybe offer 50p for the tie.

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I very much think this was the case given how quickly the Speaker threw him out. He’s usually quite content to let both sides yell at each other for much longer and then drop the hammer on the Opposition for crossing the line, but as soon as Key started to deviate into what sounded like an embarrassing attack ramble (the kind that gets in the newspapers the next day) his mic was cut and he gets banned only for the duration of Question Time rather than the remainder of the day.

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I thought it was because he used a member’s proper name “John” rather than the correct form of address.

The nicest and friendliest population I’ve ever encountered sure managed to elect quite the asshole in Key.

Ahh, okay, that would make sense. Thanks.